Emma Lang:
Social Media Strategist

Emma joined the NerdyMind team in 2017 as a Social Media Strategist and Digital Support Nerd. Emma loves sharing her social media expertise with our clients, as well as for our own brand. She also spends time with her fellow Digital Marketing Nerds doing a mental download of anything digital strategy.

Emma left her hometown of Farmington, N.M. in 2011 to pursue a degree at CSU where she graduated with a double major in Business-Marketing and Apparel and Merchandising. Prior to working at NerdyMind,  Emma worked as a Project Manager for a marketing firm in Fort Collins coordinating client events and managing social media calendars.

Emma enjoys:

  • Taylor Swift
  • Sour beers
  • Telling long stories with unnecessary detail
  • Playing kickball for the City of Fort Collins recreation league
  • Petting dogs
  • Binge watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy